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Tips for Maintaining Your Door

External and internal doors both go through the natural aging process and this make your does unattractive to visitors. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the surface of your door to ensure its durability.

Maintaining Wooden Doors

Doors can be made from different types of woods like the oak door, pine doors etc. Therefore this maintenance tip would discuss maintaining wooden doors from a general perspective which will take all wood types into consideration.

·         Tools: a damp wiper, screw driver, gritty paper, UV exterior sealer.

The first step in cleaning/ maintaining your wooden door is wiping off the surface with a damp wiper/sponge to remove the dirt that would have accumulated on it with time. The second phase involves inspecting and fastening all loose screw and hinges which would be followed by sanding the wooden surface, edges and door handle with grit paper to smoothen it. Finally, you clean all dust from the sanding phase, apply UV sealer to the surface and leave it to dry for the desired results to be achieved.

Maintaining Fiber Glass Doors

Fiber glass doors are very durable but as all things, they also depreciate with time therefore initiating the need of a maintenance policy to help ensure its long term durability.

·         Tools: wet Cloth, some water, specialized fiber glass cleanser and a clear coat.

The first step is the cleaning phase which involves wiping the fiberglass with a wet clothing item to remove dust from the surface, edges and all nooks and crannies. This should be done with a damp cloth and without the use of any cleaning agent e.g. detergents. After the fiberglass has been rinsed with clean water, stain should be applied to its surface at the appropriate time in the right weather conditions (a windy medium temperature day).

Finally, apply a layer of coat --after the stain has dried-- on the surface of the fiberglass and door handle. This layer of coat protects the fiberglass from peeling and other external damaging factors. A strict quarterly maintenance policy should be kept for the long term health of the fiberglass.