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Here you can browse through our many brass designs and exclusive designs by Dorspec.  Our Brass Door Handles come in both Round Rose Lever designs and Back Plate Lever designs. With these handles we have a selection of Brass Accessories and Brass Door Locks and Latches.  For your ease and usability we have divided the page into 4 simple easy to use categories below.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is a bright, gold-like metal which is soft and malleable. Its acoustic properties also make it the perfect metal for making musical instruments like tubas and trumpets.

Brass is often combined with other metals to achieve certain beneficial properties. Aluminium and Tin make brass stronger and more resistant to corrosion, while iron and silicon can make brass more durable.

It has long been a popular metal for decoration, yet also is strong and dependable. The Romans used Brass to make coins and military equipment, which is a testament to its durability and enduring aesthetic value.

Brass door handles are therefore strong and long lasting. In addition to that, their shiny, golden appearance fits into most rooms and colour schemes and has seldom been out of fashion for centuries!

The great benefit of fitting Brass door handles is that their cooper content is germicidal. Studies have shown that many cooper alloys, including Brass, can quickly kill dangerous, transferable infections like E.Coli and MRSA. Brass door handles then are an exception to a criticism of door handles generally, that infection can gather and be transferred through use.


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