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Here you can browse through our many chrome designs and exclusive designs by Dorspec.  Our Chrome Door Handles come in both Round Rose Lever designs and Back Plate Lever designs. With these handles we have a selection of Chrome Accessories and Chrome Door Locks and Latches.  For your ease and usability we have divided the page into 4 simple easy to use categories below.  

Chrome is the commercial name for Chromium, a metal which is prized for its magnetic properties and its attractiveness when used in decoration.

It is typically used for plating objects that are made of other metals, e.g. steel, aluminium. Chrome plating is often called nickel-chrome plating as it involves electroplating nickel onto the object, like door handles and car components, before a thin layer of chrome is applied.

A lot of shiny, silvery finishes are often mistaken for Chrome plating, but when compared to Chrome, alternatives appear pale and dull. The nickel plating makes for a smooth, reflective finish which is exceptionally resistant to corrosion. The Chrome layer on top adds a bluish shade, contributes to corrosion resistance and protects the door handle from being scratched and damaged.

As a result, Chrome door handles are prized for their ability to withstand years of constant use and still maintain their strength and shine.

Chrome door handles are simple and elegant when paired with modern interiors. The contemporary design of a round rose handle made of Chrome complements a modern kitchen or living room perfectly.

It is important to think about the place of your Chrome door handles place in the overall design scheme of your home. Consider the colour of the handle and the door and how the handles compare to existing handles in the house.

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